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Tale from the School Run

This is where you can find stories based on conversations I've had with my kids on the way to or from school. 


There are three children:


The youngest is the sweetest, the nicest and the most naive. He tends to get his way more than the other two. Whether or not he's playing on that innocence deliberately is never known for sure...


The middle is the cheeky one. He's provided more lines for this set of stories than the others. One day I'll figure out what he's saying and whether or not he's always teasing me or just teasing me most of the time. He'll probably be 35 before I do!


The eldest. He left primary school a few years ago now but he's still to be found in these stories. He says the daftest things. I suppose it's part of being the first one to do and experience things: the parents don't know what to say the first time aorund! 


There are also two parents:


The mum. She gets to add some words of advice, wise or otherwise, in some of the stories. As is so often the case, though, it's the mum who gets taken for granted.


And then there's the dad, poor long-suffering dad who never knows what's going on, and the three kids run rings around him, literally and figuratively. Occasionally he'll think he's got the upper hand, but that's when he's got another think coming.


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