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Alistair WilkinsonAuthor

Fasicists Post Fascist

‘Senior Trump Official: “We were wrong.  

He's a fascist.”’  

GV Wire, 9th January, 2021 


Anonymous 11th hour disgust and shame and  

medical insurance for blame and a pleased son  

claiming a grand old name. And the stories and  

pictures and quotations grew and grew, and  

the promises and the threats, and  

the near death and the death and  

the heroes and the lackies and  

the rats 


A mouth in an orange mist, yelling fake 

bleached teeth chewing at the world.  

The mother of all bombs dropped another 

but we’ll never see pale flesh in an orange suit 


You and your friends – some of them are rapists –  

will retreat behind your wall, lob incitements  

like mortarsempty the streets, shake houses,  

crumble ceilings 


Your family, dark-suited, blonde and white 

will never flick dust from their shoulders, their hair.  

Watch it all on TV, show their teeth, give victory  

to the camera, while the world burns. Purge. They toss  

matches, show their teeth, fall away to their  

fake news Juliet sleep and their Lord Angelo awakening. 


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