Alistair Wilkinson Author
Alistair WilkinsonAuthor

A Sonnet About a Work Wife

Remember that time we laughed so damned loud 

we set the English office ablaze with noise? 

Students and staff staring; I was so proud 

to have you, my work wife. We sneered at toys, 

at teaching balloons. We sought each other 

on training days; went through the motions, smirked, 

watched our children; they’d no yawns to cover, 

and we, glued together, stuck with what worked. 

But it was more than that. Life needs support, 

inside out. Our beauty, our ugliness. 

Births, affairs, deaths and lemons to report; 

secrets and pills, drunken heels, shared weakness. 

And when that split, that clear divorce came, 

this place, this life, it’s never been the same. 


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