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Stella the Zombie Killer Volume One

Whether you want to go all the way back to Part One or browse your favourites, this is the place to find all the exciting instalments of Stella the Zombie Killer. Simply use the buttons to the left to navigate to the episode you want. Enjoy.


The first 22 episodes of Stella the Zombie Killer are available to all for free. I intend to keep it that way, meaning that you can continue to enjoy reading about Stella's exploits wherever you may be.


But I can't let you go without trying to sell you a paperback. If you do have the means, please consider buying a paperback copy of the illustrated version of Stella the Zombie Killer Volume One (just click the link above). You get the first 22 episodes in one volume, including Alison Rassmussen's fabulous illustartions which bring the Cynosure and her companions - and the deads and the angels and the rats and the ants (but not the flies - where are all the flies?) - to life.

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However you choose to access Stella's adventures, I hope that you enjoy the stories.


Please share your thoughts on this blood-spattered post-apocalyptic world, its tragic background and bleak future.


And remember that the Cynosure fights for you. Always.


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Download your free illustrated Kindle copy of Stella the Zombie Killer Volume One here
The beautifully illustrated Stella the Zombie Killer Volume One is now available as a free ebook. Download your copy here.
The full-lnegth novel, 'the Balance', is available here.
Download a FREE Kindle version here
Download a free ebook of 'Resa'
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